Miscelanea Trading, LLC offers custom consulting and representation services for the import export marketplace. We invite you to review the service section of our website to discover what we can do for your organization.  


Miscelanea Trading, has participated in projects involving international trade among European, North American and Latin American corporations. And we are ready to be your partner!


We are a team of international experts that provide customize services that fit the needs and wants of our clients. Every time we represent a business, we design the strategy to activate the client’s business goals.


Our passion is helping organizations run their operations in a more effective and efficient manner. We look at their businesses from an executive perspective and then add our passion, knowledge, and commitment to help them achieve their goals.


We have 25+ years of experience in developing and managing projects from the early stages of operation until being positioned in both local and international markets.

About our Founder and CEO, Enrique Muriel

Enrique has extensive experience in leading companies to expand to additional countries to create larger market share. He has worked across multiple sectors, such as healthcare, death care, energy efficiency, manufacturing, automation, textiles, wellness and sport, consulting, and education. He is an expert in market research, analysis of competition, and developing business plans for start-ups in national and international markets.

Our Team

Diversity is our essence, and we offer to our clients a value proposal burdened with knowledge and professional experience. Project after project we have gained the skills and the expertise that permit us to adapt all our actions to our customers’ needs and requirements. This expertise plus dedication, perseverance, commitment, reliability, flexibility, adaptability and passion are what we considered our most important values.

Our services

Management Consulting

"We are here to help your organization."


For those companies that want to identify and implement improvements in different operation areas, we offer advice based on our experience. We bring to our clients, deep and functional expertise. Read more ...

Expanding into the USA

"We will be your ambassador in the United States."


This is a product specially made for those foreign companies interested in expanding their businesses into the US market; we provide advice and help to those corporations to successfully implement their projects. Read more ...


To contact us, please email enrique@miscelaneatrading.com. We will be in touch shortly to set up an exploratory conversation and to prepare a customized proposal adapted to your needs. 


Thank you for your interest in Miscelanea Trading. We look forward to speaking to you.

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